Friday, May 25, 2012

Bedtime Poem

Hey guys!  Wrote a new poem this morning, and need some input on it.  I've been thinking a lot about what sorts of things I want to do with my kids in the future.  This poem is one of them.  Each night, as I'm tucking them into bed, or doing a bedtime routine, we'll both say this poem.  I'll say one line, they say the next, etc.  The last paragraph will be mine when they're wrapped up in their blankets.  Let me know what you think!

It is time now, let us bide
To the world where smiles are heard,
Where no one minds,

Where we may fly with the largest birds.

Away we fly to join the deer,
Where no sadness dwells,
Where there is no fear.
Where happiness swells.

To the place we feel no sorrow,
A world where all things are good,
Where there is a tomorrow.
A place we can visit, even past childhood.

Climb the highest tree,
Sleep on the fluffiest cloud,
Breathe the water of the sea,
Fly the skies and sing aloud.

Here, we dance with the trees.
Here, we sing with the wind.
Here, we fly with the breeze.
Here, we follow the whirlwinds.

We come here to get stronger,
Not for greed or pride,
Everything I do comes from me, the author.
An escape to a world in divide.

Dear child, you come here through dreams.
When all seems broken,
You must cut the seams
And let your mind and heart open.

Sleep soundly now, my dear one.
You are safe in your bed.
Until you awaken,
Let these words calm your sleeping head.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope to hear from you!
Talk to you later!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Hey guys!  New poem!

Reading up on some Edgar Allan Poe, and when I read Pit and the Pendulum, I came up with this idea.  Hope you like it!!!
  Unfortuantely, I couldn't find a picture that really matched what I was looking for! -_- Oh well, I guess. :/

Hanging from the void above,

The constant ticking

Forever makes me think of

Its horrid tricking.

Locked and alone in this dark and foul cell

I only hear the pendulum sway

I realize it is set to quell

My life today.

Swaying back and forth

In time to the beating of my heart,

It ticks my life away, henceforth

And I know that I shall depart.

The pendulum spells my life as it fades,

It sways only moments more.

I have attempted escape and failed.

I have forsaken the plan, nevermore.

My breath is slowing, coming in gasps

The pendulum’s rhythm is slowly diminishing

The blood in my internal maps,

Is gradually slowing

Fear creeps up my spine,

As darkness is erased,

And filled with light

And the walls are replaced.

I turn and shrink back,

My own reflection,

What it does not lack,

Is the pendulum in action.

All around me, I see myself and the pendulum

Every which way I turn, we are there.

A predicament, a problem

I’m lost, for we are everywhere!

The pendulum swings faster

As my heart beats in fear

At the sight of my figure

How I wish I could disappear!

The pendulum has slowed to a gentle swish,

Eyes cast away from the mirror, my heart is slow

My mind is in anguish.

My eyes are no longer aglow.

My heart stops, and the pendulum is halted,

A heart that no longer beats.

Weakened is the pendulum, its plan is deserted

For its job is complete.

The fall of a pendulum creates a noise so strong

Cracked are the mirrors,

My reflection is no longer,

Just a question with no answer.

Left to rot in the room of mirrors

My body was never discovered

The pendulum had not foretold a man’s fate in years,

The pendulum was forever shattered.

Let me know what you think!!!  :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dandelion Wishes

Hey guys, I have a new poem that I've been working on.  Well, two poems.  They're two different poems but both have 2 things that are the same.  I'm not terribly sure about the first one, it's not my best, but it could use some work. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or requests, comment and I'll see what I can do.  :)

First poem:  

Dandelion Seeds

Walking down the fields with my thoughts running
I blow a wish on the dandelion seeds
For someone just to love me, please someone just love me.
I may not be pretty, but I really need some loving.

Sitting under an autumn tree with my guitar strumming
Hoping the wind will blow my thoughts away
Footsteps walking, I see your face
My heart starts fluttering

Introductions start and you compliment my playing
Pleasures of meeting each other
You say life just got better and better
Red cheeks start to burn as I realize what you’re saying

You find I have a hard knock life and your brow is creasing
I look down ashamed and feeling guilty
You grab my chin, and say sadly,
“No one should treat you that way, darling”

Walking in the fields after you have gone, my heart is fluttering
I blow a wish on the dandelion seeds
Hoping you’re the answer to my need
For someone to keep me from running.

Walking into school with an achy heart, watching the girls that I can’t compete
My face is down like it’s always down
I see you and you stop my frowning
Boy, you’ll never realize that you’re making me feel complete

Soon enough we’re meeting at the field
Walking through the dandelion seeds
You say “I used to wish on these”
I pick a seed and blow a silent wish, my smile concealed.

Walking in the fields with you on my mind
I blow a wish on a dandelion seed
Wishing that you stay here with me
Hoping love is finally mine.

First fights always start and end with a bang
Never expected you to have this kind of temper
And run off into the fields, needing an answer
I watch you drive off in your fancy mustang

Walking  alone is so much different than with you
The sun is going down and I’m wearing a frown
Please come back, my head is down.
Tears are sliding as I pick a wish for you

Wishing on those dandelion seeds doesn’t seem to work at all
The wind is drowning my tears away

Hoping that my heart will disappear before the next day

Suddenly you’re there to pick me up from my fall.

Blowing a wish on a dandelion seed
You pull me in and squeeze me tightly
You kept me from running when I needed you most
Love is finally mine when you kiss me.

Second poem:  

 Wind In My Heart

Every day under the great willow tree

I sit with my hair blowing around

Hoping my dear friend will remove the thoughts I do not need.

As I listen to her beautiful sound.

She sings and whistles through the leaves,

Assists the elegant birds through the sky,

She lifts away my grieves,

So I may wave goodbye.

Whistling courage,

Ceasing worries,

Singing me out of bondage,

She gives me peace when I need it greatly.

Blowing my wishes on the dandelion seeds,

She brings them to the higher heavens

Listening to my cries of need,

Advising me in my actions.

When tears are streaking,

She dries them gently,

When breathing hurts,

She soothes my bearings.

A lonely day without her love

Leads to shaky hands and trembling breaths

The clouds are not moving above,

My thoughts are not bowing down to death.

Greeting my beloved companion each day

Helps me through my lone and grief.

She greets with open arms that sway,

Her grasp is strong, yet gentle as a leaf.

Should she ever depart,
My mind would surely be scarred.
She is a piece of my heart,
For Wind is my love and my guard.

Hope you guys enjoyed these!!! 

Talk to you soon!