Friday, April 27, 2012

First Post

Well, hello.  This is my first post on a public blog.  Pretty exciting, huh?  :)

Well, let me describe a little about this blog.  I'll be posting every once in a while.  Mostly just posting my writing, if I ever learn songs fast enough on the piano, then I'll post a recording of those as well.  That's pretty much it.  I'm kind of a private person, but I do want to let people read my writings.  :)

I hope whoever reads this enjoys this blog! 

Very first poem for the big blog debute...

Today, we work.
Tomorrow, we rest.
Today, we shirk.
Tomorrow, we dress our Sunday best.

Today, we play.
Tomorrow, we learn.
Today was a beautiful day.
Tomorrow might burn.

Today, we went all about.
Tomorrow, only one place.
Today saw faces of doubt.
Tomorrow brings familiar faces.

Today, we bought many things.
Tomorrow, we won't.
Today, we know what tomorrow brings.
Tomorrow, we find things we don't.

Today, we think we know.
Tomorrow, we learn we're wrong.
Today was a gift that will grow.
Tomorrow we sing praise in song.

Today we all laughed and smiled.
Tomorrow, who knows?
Today we think is wild.
Tomorrow, we'll start a future that will grow.   

Hope you enjoy this, and I'll post again sometime real soon.  Talk to you later!