Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey folks!  So coolness news, Houston Girls Chorus split up in two!  15 girls to each choir, and I got into the more advanced group! And the director gave us a hint of what we'll be singing-oh my goodness, it's gorgeous!

Anyway, I'm posting a new poem today.  And come February, I'm going to blog every day-I promise.  I'm going to do what is called the "30 day song challenge."  You'll just have to wait and see what it is!  Mwa haa haa!

This poem is called The Lady and the Train (I had a great picture to put with it, but this new blogger layout is not working)

There is a woman.

A woman who sits alone.

Every day with her burgundy suitcase,

She waits for the train’s drone.


No one asks for her ticket,

No one asks for her name,

She is simply another in the crowd,

Yet every day it is the same.


She carries a small journal

Writing the days away,

She never looks up, just writes

And no one asks, “What does it say?”


On a stormy day, she was still there

No train departed for fear of the weather.

She finished the journal this day,

And stood with a smile as faint as a feather.


She was asked by a man,

“You leave today, madam?”

“That is correct, sir,” she replied

“There is no train, no rhythm.”


She smiled, “You don’t need to know,

Where you shall end up in life,

For it is how you get there that matters,

And what you do once you arrive.”


She walked off into the rain,

She disappeared into the ghastly weather.

She was forgotten,
The wise and lovely author.

Until next time!

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